New Texas State Record Grass Carp Shot by Texas Bowfishing Outfitters
69 lbs Texas State Record

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Thank you for visiting the Texas Bowfishing Guides website. We offer bowfishing trips in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  We are ready to serve our clients on any lake or river to shoot the fish you want . Most of the time, we fish areas such as, Lavon, Cedar Creek, Ray Hubbard, Grapevine, and Trinity River. Monster alligator gar. buffalo, drum, grass carp, and common carp are the fish we count on.

Bowfishing is becoming one of the fastest growing forms of archery. Texas game wardens say it is the fastest growing sport in the state. Our bowfishing will appeal to both beginners and experts alike.  There is nothing like hanging on to a fish that can pull the boat! You may get hundreds of shots in a night.  Once you try it, you'll see just how addictive this sport can be. Just ask anyone that has ever tried it.  If you enjoy free time or have other hobbies, consider not trying it or else your entire time might be spent bowfishing!

NEW TEXAS STATE RECORD GRASS CARP: To the left you will notice that huge 69 pound Texas Grass Carp. This fish was taken by Texas Bowfishing Guides. This is the new Official Texas state record grass carp. It was shot on Sunday, October 2nd at Lake Ray Hubbard. Read the Dallas morning news article on this record-breaking carp taken by Texas Bowfishing Guides.


Not only do we offer bowfishing, but we also offer some fabulous Texas duck hunting trips as well. We hunting local area lakes as we target, mallards, widgeons, ring necks, blue bills, and gadwall. Occasionally you may see pintails, canvas backs, and red head ducks as well. We also offer blue wing and green wing teal hunting. We focus strongly on providing great success for our client's duck hunting. So far that has paid off as 86%  of our clients shot their limit while their stay with us. For more information and duck hunting prices, feel free to contact us or visit our Texas duck hunting page.

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